Semester in Review

In summary, I have learned a lot about blogging.

Firstly, it isn’t as easy as I first anticipated. Discipline in keeping up with deadlines and keeping content consistent, accurate, and “fresh” requires a lot of work.

1516124_639708676148368_1046486674_n(I created and posted this image on my personal Instagram)

How to Improve

The above picture was a one-shot attempt near the beginning of the semester to advertise my blog. Aside from the faces of transfer students, this isn’t a very photo-heavy subject at first, and therefore, harder to implement advertising and attract attention on photo-heavy social media, like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, a few of my favorites. It required work like putting together the branding and above image in Photoshop to capture an audience outside of the people I was directly talking to. So, I need to use social media to promote, and do it more often. Occasionally, I used Twitter to update when I created new content.

Future Plans

In the near future, I have a few more interviews to post. Further along, I’d like to revisit a few of these people to see where their transfer experience has taken them, and if my interview with them triggered any rethinking about how they were approaching their individual situations. Or at least to see how they are doing in general.


Those people in The Quad who pass out flyers and set up tents have the right idea. I should do more outside of the digital realm to attract transfer students to comment on posts, maybe even offer incentives. I used our class’s Facebook Group to get the first few initial interviews, and that worked out a lot better than I expected.

Thank You

This is not the end of the blog to say the least, just winding down for this semester. I hope to post a little bit more before Christmas, then pick back up and talk some more during the Spring, when potential transfer students will be hungry for information like what I’ve posted here. Thanks to those of you following now – feel free to share with your friends. There’s more to come!

By the Numbers

According to the 2014 Fall Preliminary Enrollment Report (PPT) (found here), 3850 transfer students enrolled at Texas State this semester. I have spoken to and interviewed 10; in the coming weeks I should be posting my interview sessions with them. In any case – 7316 applied to transfer to Texas State – that’s a lot of people!

UC Fall 2014 Enrollment Report -- Preliminary Web2(Image from: 2014 Fall Preliminary Enrollment Report)

So the numbers above tell us that about ever 7 out of 10 students who were admitted to Texas State actually enrolled this semester. What this also tells us is 3 out of 4 students (admitted versus applied) who applied for transfer admission were admitted. I can only imagine what happened to the 3 out of 10 who didn’t enroll or the 1 out of 4 that weren’t admitted.

Of personal interest to me is this:

UC Fall 2014 Enrollment Report -- Preliminary Web(Image from: 2014 Fall Preliminary Enrollment Report)

For one, The University of Texas at San Antonio is the only university on the list, which is interesting. Consistent with the fact that most of the transfer students I’ve spoken to this semester – whether informally or through a sit-down Q and A session – have transferred from Austin Community College District. They’ve come to Texas State with or without completing an Associate’s Degree (understandably) .

Secondly, this is the university I transferred from. UTSA happens to be the other member of Texas State’s (currently dormant as far as football goes) I-35 Rivalry. The two most popular comments I got from  people when I told them I was transferring was 1) “Isn’t [Texas State] a party school?” and 2) “You’re transferring to the rival school?”

I am probably one of the most school-spirited people I know. However, I transferred to Texas State because UTSA didn’t offer the program I wanted, simple as that. In my humble opinion, Mass Communication at Texas State is ten-fold the size, accreditation, and overall awesomeness compared to UTSA’s Communication program. To be honest, I actually have a few pieces of my UTSA past hanging in my room – a pennant, some football souvenirs, a few pictures, and four shirts in my closet (two of which I designed, one of which I designed the back, and my work polo, none of which I wear on campus here). There is no denying my experiences from freshman year shaped who I am today. But I’m slowly but surely adding more to my Texas State spirit collection.

At least I’m not alone in transferring from UTSA specifically, and that’s a certain peace I think I was trying to achieve from Transfer Talk.

Texas State Transfer Talk Video Log 1

Today I’m sharing with you a short summary of things I’ve learned so far about transfer experiences, including my own.

Faces of Transfer Students

Here’s a preview of a few transfer students I’ve interviewed with recently. My interviews with them individually will be posted in the coming weeks.

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If you are interested in sharing your transfer experience with me to share on this blog, please contact me on Twitter or email me at

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